Write the Theme Tune, Sing the Theme Tune!

Bring your book series to life with a downloadable, read-along extra!

There aren’t many illustrators who can offer proofreading, editing, publishing and printing as part of their package. But here at Happydesigner we have a whole new angle for you: theme tunes and voiceovers!


Wouldn’t it be great if you could read your story to your loved ones whenever they wanted you to, as often as they wished, and without the resulting sore throat?

Well, we have the solution! We are very excited to announce that we can make that dream a reality with our brand new audiobook service! And being simple creatures, we wanted to make it a simple process as well.

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For the voice over, all that we need from you is a good quality recording of you (or someone else if you prefer…!) reading your story, which you can email to us. We will then create a professionally mixed and mastered mp3. file of you reading your story, layered over a bed of complementary sounds and special effects! You can then give this to your loved ones, and they will be able to listen to your story being read to them, over and over again – as many times as they wish!

In terms of the theme tune, we have our own recording studio at the Happydesigner offices, and we can work with you to create your own book theme tune. Drop us an email at hello@happydesigner.co.uk to find out more, and to tell us what it is you want from us in terms of a theme tune. We think this is a totally unique service, and we hope also that it will be lots of fun! If there’s one thing we love as much as illustration here it’s music (and Haribo sweets, and fruit, and Guinea Pigs, and cats… you get the idea!).

We’d love to bring your story to life in every way we are able, so adding this element to your book is as thrilling for us as it is for you, and hopefully we can work together to create something really different and enjoyable. Get in touch today, as both of these services are available now!

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