Happy Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en From Happydesigner!

There are few people who don’t like this time of year (according to the incredibly scientific research I’ve done amongst most of my family and friends). Yes and the clocks have gone back (extra hour in bed FTW!) the days are now shorter, but this is now the season of snuggly jumpers, open fires and hot chocolate. The radiators come on (who doesn’t love heating their socks of a morning) and the leaves colour the pavements in autumnal shades. You can put wellies on, kick the leaves about, wear some gloves and a big scarf, and pretend to be a dragon in the colder air on the way to work or school. You can legitimately fill your hot choc cup with more marshmallows than you can fit in your actual mouth, and practice some epic apple-bobbing and pumpkin carving! Because, whilst this time of year is usually when the shops start rolling out their baubles and tinsel (even though we can all agree October is just TOO EARLY), before we get there we have to get past Hallowe’en (or Samhain) AND Bonfire Night! Again, I think we can all agree that Bonfire Night is one of the more peculiar English celebrations, but everybody loves a sparkler (just make sure your pets are safe and don’t get scared!) and nearly everyone loves dressing up.

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Hallowe’en Costumes and Pumpkins

This year, whether you’re invited to a party or just at home awaiting the trick-or-treaters, you can enjoy some spooky fun! Pumpkin carving is always creative, and if you’re clever you can re-use the pumpkin! Try making a sweet or savoury pie (or both!) with the flesh (oooh spooky already!), although make sure you have enough to keep the pumpkin upright! It may look scary but you don’t want a sinking pumpkin before the big night. We also love roasting the seeds, sprinkling them with some seasoning and eating them as a tasty snack.

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Over the years we have tried all kinds of fun shapes and faces, but we have found that the old ones are the best. Check out our gross pumpkins, made by two twelve year old boys who were let loose with paint, goopy pumpkin insides and feathers! You don’t need to stick to the pumpkin for inspiration, we got a craft kit out and made sure our pumpkins were suitably scary! The only problem now is whether the trick-or-treaters will be too frightened to come to our house! *spooky laugh*

Carving a Funny Pumpkin

children's illustrationIf spooky faces are just a little too much for younger Hallowe’eners, why not try and do what Gillie suggested and see who can make the funniest face in their pumpkin? Funny faces are great for kids as they won’t be trying to copy a design; they can be as creative as they want and you can be as encouraging as you want, because there won’t be anything to compare the pumpkin to! Or, if you do like to copy images, you can see if you can use some Happydesigner inspiration; perhaps try to carve a Percy Bat, or a stripy Tiger? You could have a go at one of our creeeeeepy craaaaawly spiders if you like – they can be as crawly and creepy as you like!

Whatever you do this Hallowe’en, make sure you enjoy yourself and have some creative fun! Oh, and don’t eat ALL your sweets in one go or you’ll make yourself very poorly. So kids, keep an eye on whoever is taking you out, because you know they’ll only complain when they have a poorly tummy from all the sweets they’ve eaten!


Have a happy Hallowe’en, love all of us at happydesigner!

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