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There have been some new books finished recently and we thought you’d like to see a little round-up!

Mighty Midge McKechnie – the terror of Glen Dhu

Written by John Swankie

It’s safe to say John Swankie has been busy of late! Author of two Happydesigner-illustrated books (and a non-fiction account of his charity ride through Spain) over the past few months, John’s tongue-in-cheek style and knack for a good story has seen both Mighty Midge McKechnie – the terror of Glen Dhu, and Tidy Mulgrew gracing the virtual Happydesigner shelves this year.

The tourists who flock to Scottish beauty spot, Glen Dhu, have been terrorised by a tiny Midge for years! Might Midge McKechnie, with his cousins Big Tam and Bitey Jock, have had a lovely time chewing on all the locals and tourists, and whoever is sent to scare them off is chased away after being bitten by the midges! So what can the locals do, when the tourists all go away and the midges have won? Perhaps something unexpected will “blow in” and the midges will have to go somewhere else?

A very funny rhyming story, with typical John Swankie wit and tongue-in-cheek humour, Mighty Midge McKechnie is a Scottish tale of three naughty midges, told in an endearing way that may make you feel a twinge of sympathy for the midges who nibble on you when you’re on holiday! Perfect for children of school age and up, with fun images and naughty insects. What’s not to love!

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Tidy Mulgrew is so tiny you probably don’t even know he’s there, but he’s the reason the streets are kept clean and the rubbish is tidied away. Along with his friends, the snails Tom and Dick, and Harry the flea, Tidy collects all the things people throw away and find uses for them. One day, the townspeople want to catch whoever it is that they see is keeping their streets clean, but Tidy has a message for them that they aren’t expecting!

Tidy Mulgrew is a wonderful tale of upcycling, recycling items and reducing waste. The rhyming sentences are great fun, and would be perfect for intrepid little recyclers over the age of five. If you want to encourage sustainability in an easy-to-understand and fun way, then grab a copy of the delightful Tidy Mulgrew.

Click here to head on over to John’s website to find out more and buy a book!

Tao’s Way

Written by Christine Meyers

One day adventurous soul Tao goes on a walk with his pet owl, Wee Woo. A few wrong turns and they are lost! But who will they meet to guide them home?

Tao’s Way, written by Christine Meyers, is a story about a young boy who follows his heart and feet to find new adventures. He always takes his trusty friend and pet, Wee Woo on his travels. One day they walk a little further than usual and find that they are lost! But, in trying to get home, Tao and Wee Woo come across talking trees, magical stone mermaids and magical skies! Come along on Tao’s adventures and discover the magic of nature and the great outdoors.

Tao’s Way is perfect for children over seven, who love reading stories about nature and adventuring. With a very narrative style and lovely images, Tao’s Way will delight all little explorers.

The Tidy Spidey

Written by Craig McCann

When daddy goes into the children’s bedroom to see what sort of state they were in he is appalled! Clothes, toys and books lie everywhere! But when the children grumble about being made to tidy up, daddy tells them a story of the Tidy Spidey, who will happily clean and tidy their bedrooms for them. For a price!

The Tidy Spidey is a lighthearted book which children over seven will love. Lots of bright, funny pictures, and a gentle rhyming style make this book easy to read aloud at enjoy.

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The Long Way Home

Written by Ben Hilton

In The Long Way Home, Murphy lives with his human, Molly, but when Molly is at school Murphy has to stay at home! One day, Murphy decides to go on an adventure, but soon feels sleepy and decides to rest in a crate at the airport. It just so happens that the crate is destined to land many, many miles away. How will Murphy get home?

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Noodle and Sam Go To New York

Written By John Hamilton

When two snakes, Noodle and Sam, get in a suitcase for an adventure they don’t know what will happen next! They head to New York, where they discover the local food, some interesting uses for socks and what it’s like in the Big Apple.

Noodle and Sam Go To New York is a delightful book written by a father – with rather a lot of help from his kids! For children who love to read about new places and delight in colourful, fun illustrations!

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So there you have it! All the latest from Happydesigner. There are lots and lots of books currently being worked on, so keep an eye on our gallery page for more releases and current books. Don’t forget to keep checking our socials for news of how to buy as well!

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