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As usual, Happydesigner (Sarah) has been up to her paintbrushes in books that people have written that she is illustrating. Each story is someone’s baby, and we are always aware that it’s a real privilege to bring a book to life. So, it’s always nice when they are completed and we can shout about them! Keep on reading for the latest releases here at Happydesigner HQ.

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Children's illustrator
Skyla and the Snowflake Fairy

Skyla and the Snowflake Fairy

“A sprinkling of fairy magic. A dusting of shimmering snowflakes. Meet Skyla, a little girl whose dream comes true thanks to the Snowflake Fairy. 
A beautiful insight into Skyla’s first exhilarating, snowy encounter and proof that if you believe enough, your dreams really can sparkle.”

It’s never too early to be thinking ahead to organising Christmas presents (honest, it really isn’t!), especially if you’re like us and this rather unseasonal weather is making you hanker for your fave cardie and a hot chocolate by the fire. Skyla and the Snowflake Fairy is a really lovely story about a little girl who just loves the snow. She wishes for it so hard and one day, the Snowflake Fairy grants her wish! “Skyla” is the first story from the talented writer at Honeypot Hill Publishing, Reina Bonici-Mompalao-Lee. You can find her on Facebook, and you can buy the book here.

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childrens book illustrator
Sheep Don’t Go Shopping!

Sheep Don’t Go Shopping!

“When his Mum drives Gareth to school she tells him to look out for animals, but even though he looks and looks he can never see them. However, when he says this to his Mum she tells him the animals are in such silly places that Gareth can’t believe they’re true. After all, horses don’t go to the hairdressers, ducks don’t go to the dentist and SHEEP DON’T GO SHOPPING!”

Or do they? In this hilarious book, Pippa Taylor follows a little boy’s journey to school with his mum. In Sheep Don’t Go Shopping, young children of all ages will find something to entertain and delight. From the humorous illustrations to the very silly stories Gareth’s Mum creates, all children will enjoy this funny story of school-run entertainment. You never know, on your next trip to school you may just spot a sheep out shopping! Find out more here.

childrens book illustration


“Radish is a young hare in a tough situation. His parents argue a lot, and sometimes forget that he is only a baby hare and needs feeding. Radish is sad, and one day Sparrow visits the burrow he shares with his parents. Sparrow is concerned that Radish’s parents are struggling to look after Radish, and gets advice from her wise friend Barney. Together, Sparrow and Barney help to get Radish settled in a forever home.”

This charming story, accompanied by delightful illustrations, is based upon a real story. Radish is a young hare who is struggling with life at home. A helpful sparrow gets him out of a tough home life and into a foster home, and then helps him with his forever home.

The roles and narrative in this book are intended to help children understand and make sense of their own life story in situations which involve being taken into care and then placed for adoption. The author, Anna Jacques, was inspired by her own son’s adoption story, and she wanted to have a story that dealt with some of the huge issues that can arise in adoption and foster scenarios. As she couldn’t find one, she decided to write one. This book will be on sale soon.

childrens picture book illustrator
Where Are We Today?

Where Are We Today?

“Bob and Pauline are two pigeons with a sense of adventure. Whether they’re at a football match, meeting the queen, flying over Loch Ness or heading to the seaside, these two pigeons are inquisitive and fun!”

Written in a lovely rhyming style, Where Are We Today? will be suitable for children of all ages who love picture books. The detailed and fun illustrations will keep even young wrigglers interested, and the exciting places Bob and Pauline visit will excite young imaginations. Join them on their journeys to find out where they’ll be heading to next! This book gives parents a great opportunity to talk to youngsters about places they have visited or would like to visit.

childrens book illustrator
Up Popped a Dinosaur

Up Popped a Dinosaur

“When Bowser the truck teases his friend Tug the water draining tank about dinosaurs, he meant to scare Tug! However, when one of the other lorries makes a bony discovery in the quarry, the team decide to teach Bowser a lesson for scaring Tug!”

Suitable for more grown-up little readers, or intrepid listeners at bedtime, Up Popped a Dinosaur gently teaches children not to scare other people with tall tales, or they may well get taught a little lesson! The lovely illustrations will keep little readers entertained whilst they listen to the story, and bigger readers will be able to help out with some of the smaller words. If you’re after independent reading books, this would be great for eager readers who are capable of putting a few sentences together and understanding longer words and dialogue.

childrens illustration
Mr Leafy and Friends

Mr Leafy and Friends

“Mr Leafy and his friends live and surround us all, but they are rarely noticed despite standing so tall. Mr Leafy and his friends are important to help sustain life and this book aims to help little ones appreciate the nature outside. There are lots of things that Mr Leafy sees, as he stands viewing the world majestically.”

Mr Leafy and Friends is a gentle story about the life of Mr Leafy, a tree with a keen eye. Mr Leafy watches nature go on around him, whilst taking part himself! Wriggly worms explore his roots, horses bask in the shade of his trees and children make sure he gets plenty of hugs. Ideal for keen little readers, or for very young children upwards at bedtime, Mr Leafy is a story that you can enjoy with any age child. It’s a lovely reminder of how to look after our world, and a great message to pass onto the next generation. The engaging illustrations will have you returning again and again to this book to spot something new each time!

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