Recent Additions to the Happydesigner Clan!

For those familiar with Happydesigner it will be no surprise to hear that there are yet more authors out there who have submitted their wonderful stories to us for Sarah to illustrate. Whether it’s a friendly bat, a sheep that won’t sleep or a little boy who took a little extra to make, we’re always pleased and surprised by the stories people choose to write. No two books are ever the same, and each one brings its own challenges and quirks. It’s a pleasure to see each book taking shape, and to see how much pride our authors take in what they do.


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“Seal’s First BIG Adventure” in progress

This month we’ve been thrilled to see two new books hitting the children’s book market, “Seal’s First BIG Adventure” and “Sadie the Spider“.

Seal’s First BIG Adventure

“Seal is very excited, he’s going on an adventure with his family! Ricky and Seal were going on their first ever big adventure, starting with their first ever plane flight! The family have a wonderful holiday, and Seal and Ricky enjoy all kinds of exciting days out. One day, Ricky is running late to catch the bus that would take them on their next day out and Seal is forgotten in the rush. That afternoon, when Ricky and his family get back to the hotel, Seal has gone! Will Seal ever come home to his family?”


Seal’s First BIG Adventure is a heartwarming tale of a little boy with a favourite toy. Seal goes everywhere with Ricky, and he takes part in all of the family’s adventures. Of course he goes with the whole family when they go on their first plane flight to their first holiday! But one day Ricky leaves Seal in the hotel and disaster strikes! The story will be a familiar tale to anyone whose children have a favourite toy that they can’t leave the house without, and for any parents who have spent long hours scouring hotel rooms, soft play areas and beaches in order to find the only toy that can stop their child from crying. Don’t worry though, it won’t spoil the story too much to say the ending isn’t a sad one. Find out what happens to Seal and Ricky by getting your own copy of Seal from Amazon. Click on this link to buy!

Sadie the Spider

Sadie is your average little spider, just trying to find somewhere to live. Unfortunately, wherever Sadie goes, people are scared of her! She tries all kinds of places, from a window frame to a cosy back door, and each time someone finds her and poor Sadie is scared off. Sadie is terrified of the screaming and runs off to find shelter somewhere else, but can’t find anywhere. Will Sadie find somewhere to live that doesn’t scare her?

Poor Sadie is terrified of everything! But, as it turns out, it’s because everyone is terrified of her. She just wants to find a quiet space where she can spin a web in peace and live happily, but every time she settles down, someone screams at her or tries to shoo her away! Sadie is a lovely character who isn’t a scary spider at all. If you have a child that is a little apprehensive about spiders, this should help to calm those fears and reassure. The story follows Sadie encountering humans, and wondering why they are all so scared of her, which is a great way to show children that spiders can be just as scared of us, especially as we are so much bigger than them! Sadie eventually finds someone who is not scared, and understands what spiders want. Has Sadie found her new home? Find out more by going to Amazon and getting yourself a copy! Click on this link to buy.

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